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As I retire, my goal now is to release 40+ years of source code to "stuff I've written" in the hopes that others may find it useful or maybe learn a few things.


ARMOS   Multi process/task kernel for ARM
BLDTOOL Tools to help "building" my stuff
CUBIX   Operating System for 6809 CPU
DARC    Dunfield Amateur Radio Controller
DBBD    DosBox Boot floppy Disk
DBOX    Sony VCR controller
DBUTIL  DosBox Utilities
DDLINK  DavesDataLink(FileTrans COM,LPT,NET)
DDSIDE  DunfieldDevelopmentSystems IDE
DESMO   DebugStriptingMONirot
DISASM  Cross Disassemblers
DLM     DataLineMonitor
DMF     My earliest OS (Altair 1980)
DMS     DunfieldMicroScope(debugger)
DOSUTIL Various DOS utilities
DVM     DunfieldVirtualMachine
EDIT    Text editors and other File tools
ELF     EditLomgFilenam,es
EPROM   Eprom Programmer
ESL     ExtensibleScriptLanguage
ETTY    EthernetTTY
EMILY52 8052 emulator
FDI     FloppyDiskImage
HFC     HelpFileCompiler
HTX242  Control RS HTX-242 Amateur Transceiver
ICOMCIV ICOM CI-V interface code (amateur radio)
IMDSRC  ImageDisk
IR232   RS-232 (serial) I/R learning remote
ITS     InteractiveTerminalSwitch
LABTOOLSVarious Lab/Test tools
MACMON  Monitor/LOG (kids)network use
MAR     MicroARchiver (compressed my installs)
MICRO-C Micro-C Compiler
MCSAMPLEExample programs for ""
MICROCADVery small "cad" drawing program
MONITORSfor vatious embedded processors
PC100   Vt-100 terminal emulator
RINGSW  Tel line "distinctive ring" switch
SERCNCT Switch Multiple devices on one COM port
SIMSYS  Altair,D6809,H8,Horizon,Mod8
SNIFF   Ethernet "sniffer"
SYNC    Synchronize two directry trees
TRANZTCLVerifone TRANZ PointOfSale DevTools
XASM    Cross Assemblers
8031DWG Sample 8031 based designs
8051ICE InCircuitEmilator (uses EMILY)

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