Here are the files I currently have available for download. These are frequently updated, so check back often!

NOTE: This software is most likely to be used and appreciated by people at least a bit like me. Ie: You know what a command prompt is and aren't afraid to use it. You have a reasonable understanding of how files are placed in a directory "tree". If you are more interested in "clicking" something and watching "magic happen", then you are less likely to be interested in this material.

DDS free Packages:

Dunfield Virtual Machine a tool to run my products under Win64 (9/6/21 55.7k)
- also a product to enable others to have powerful programmable subsystems "most anywhere".
- Very simple, does NOT have to be installed.
Micro-C DVM/Win64 my C compiler for DVM/Win64 (8/6/21 143.0k)
Micro-C DOS/Win32 my C compiler for DOS/Wim32 (7/6/21 220.6k)

DVMRP DVM Remote Process example (19/4/21 18.8k)

DDS handy Tools & Utilities:

These are mainly little tools I created for my own use, but since they have been so useful, I decided to make them available to others.

CGS help track C Global Symbol references (6/3/21 7.4k)
CHT C Help Text extractor (1/4/21 8.6k)
CKW ChecK Web links in manually generated pages (6/3/21 6.8k)
CLIPTOOL ease moving text via clipboard (1/4/21 8.3k)
- TXT2CLIP: Select predefined string(s) and put in clipboard.
- CLIP2TXT: Paste directly into a text file.
- CLIPLIST: Fill in a named list with paste operations.
CSUCLC C Source Utils I did during Comp.Lang.C discussion (6/3/21 32.7k)
- REMCOM: my response to a programming "callenge" (removes comments).
- RFCGG: Reformats C source having lost it's structure in Google Groups.
- CMUNGE: C "munge"r, makes C fairly unreadable (but still compiles!).
DDCBU Copy/Backup/Move utilities (19/5/21 22.1k)
- DIRTLT: Easily see how much data is in tree plus subtrees.
- WSYNC: Copy only New/Changed files in tree to a backup copy.
- XWS: Easy to WSYNC trees from/to various systems.
DECZIP ZIP decoder (6/3/21 3.5k)
EDT text editor (13/2/10 47.0k)
FCFT Find Changed Files by Timestamp (6/3/21 9.8k)
FFF FastFileFind tools(19/5/21 24.7k)
- These use an efficient database to get location and other information
- on files spread over very large directory trees and/or multiple drives!
FTS Tools for tracking File Time/Size in large DIRs (6/3/21 28.8k)
- Useful for managing your own backups.
KEYMAP Easily map keys without installing "stuff" (11/4/21 12.6k)
KEYSUB Substitute DOS keys independant of Shift/Ctrl/Alt (28/5/21 10.4k)
- Can make DosBox workable on systems with non-PC keyboards!
LBDIR Scan dir tree, list New/Old/Large/Smallest files (12/5/21 6.8k)
LONGEST Find longest line in file(s) (6/3/21 3.7k)
M100 Transfer files from/to TRS-80 Model-100 (6/3/21 75.2k)
PC Programmers Bin/Oct/Dec/Hex calculator (15/9/12 14.8k)
PW Password generator - maintain secure passwords (24/3/21 4.6k)
RCCB Remove C Conditional Blocks (21/5/21 7.5k)
RDALL Read ALL files in a tree (26/5/21 9.0k)
- Useful to confirm files are written correctly to volatile media (DVD).
- Useful to compare two tree listings to see what's changed.
SINCE Record time & see what changed in tree later (6/3/21 7.8k)
TOUCH Set Windows file(s) MODIFIED timestamp (26/4/21 7.3k)
- Current/Specific/Relative(+/-)/from corresponding file in list
TXP TeXt Preprocessor (6/3/21 10.7k)
VLT View Large Text (6/3/21 19.6k)
WDIR Walk command through DIRectories (31/1/10 5.7k)
MON86 demo of MON86 from XTOOLS (19/12/20 9.4k)
Unblock files blocked by Windows (6/3/21 8.1k)
- Useful getting my downloads to run on modern systems.

Source code:

Some of these may need my CHT utility to prepare help files from special inline comments.
BASIC interpreter (example "scripting language") (1/2/10 9.7k)
EXAMPLE C programs (31/1/21 46.5k)


Much of my older published software (and some of my newer stuff) runs under DOS which us not supported on modern 64 bit systems. Fortunately The DosBox project provides a decent 16 bit DOS environment in many modern environments.
DOSBOX my DosBox (readme.txt) (9/5/21 1608.3k)
DBUTIL some handy tools I created for DosBox (31/5/21 91.6k)
- BAX - BAtch eXtended, overcomes some .BAT limitations (+more)
- COMP - Missing in DosBox
- CP - Better copy, avoids trashing by "copy to self" bug in DosBox
- DBOOT - Simplifies booting actual DOS for testing under DosBox
- DBSC - DosBox Screen Capture - useful because DosBox can't redirect STDERR
- EDT - Simple TEXT editor
- FIND - Missing in DosBox, can search subdirs
- GDBCM - Get DosBox Config/Mount information into env var.
- KEYSUB - Make DosBox workable with non-PC keyboards
- TREE - Missing in DosBox
- VLT - View Large Text files - handy to see DOSBOX.TXT
- WCMD - run host Windows CoMmanDs within DosBox
- XCOPY - Missing in DosBox
- XCD - eXpress Change Directory (Drive and DIR in one command)
- XDIR - Dir is limited in DosBox (+more)
- XRS - eXpress REscan (all mounted drives)
- _PAUSE - overcome DosBox ^C bug in stopping BATCH files (+more)
WinPcap needed for DosBox networking (19/4/11 894.5k)
PortTalk needed for DosBox hardware parallel port (2/6/11 66.4k)

Third party stuff:

Borland TASM good DOS assember (please see enclosed 00README.TXT) (2/12/20 90.8k)
7zip (Win32) one of the best file archivers (14/12/20 1084.4k)
7zip (Win64) "" (14/12/20 1344.5k)
Sysinternals Streams used to remove hidden data streams from files (14/12/20 499.5k)
- As from Microsofts site, not much documentation, but see my UNBLOCK

DDS Older Files:

Click HERE for some of my older downloads from my previous site.

In the above lists, dates and sizes are about my master copies, and reflect when the content was last updated.

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