Here are the files I currently have available for download. These are frequently updated, so check back often!

NOTE: This software is most likely to be used and appreciated by people at least a bit like me. Ie: You know what a command prompt is and aren't afraid to use it. You have a reasonable understanding of how files are placed in a directory "tree". If you are more interested in "clicking" something and watching "magic happen", then you are less likely to be interested in this material.

DDS free Packages:

Dunfield Virtual Machine (45.7k) a tool to run my products under Win64, and also a product to enable others to have powerful programmable subsystems. Very simple, does NOT have to be installed.
Micro-C DVM/Win64 my C compiler for DVM/Win64 (146.6k)
Micro-C DOS/Win32 my C compiler for DOS/Wim32 (220.2k)

DDS handy Tools & Utilities:

CHT C Help Text extractor (6.7k)
CLIPSEL easy to put text in clipboard (2.1k)
DECZIP ZIP decoder (3.5k)
DIRTLT easily see file sizes layout in a tree (5.8k)
EDT text editor (42.5k)
FCFT Find Changed Files by Timestamp (9.6k)
FTSTools for tracking File Time/Size in large DIRs (26.8k)
- Useful for managing your own backups.
LONGEST Find longest line in file(s) (3.7k)
SINCE Record time & see what changed in tree later (6.5k)
TXP TeXt Preprocessor (10.6k)
VLT View Large Text (19.6k)
MON86 demo of MON86 from XTOOLS (9.4k)
Unblock files blocked by Windows (8.0k)
- Useful getting my downloads to run on modern systems.

Source code:

Some of these may need my CHT utility to prepare help files from special inline comments.
BASIC interpreter (example "scripting language") (9.7k)
EXAMPLE C programs (48.4k)

Third party stuff:

DOSBOX my recommended DOSBOX (readme.txt) (1679.9k)
WinPcap needed for DOSBOX networking (894.5k)
PortTalk needed for DOSBOX hardware parallel port (66.4k)
Borland TASN good DOS assember (please see enclosed 00README.TXT) (90.8k)
7zip (Win32) one of the best file archivers (1084.4k)
7zip (Win64) "" (1344.5k)
Sysinternals Streams used to remove hidden data streams from files (499.5k)
- As from Microsofts site, not much documentation, but see my UNBLOCK

DDS Older Files:

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