Older DDS/DOS Downloads

These are some of my older files I made available on my previous site which are mainly DOS programs. Many of them I have not converted to run under DVM/Win64 because:

NOTE: Almost all of these DO run just find under DosBox!
Enclosed documentation and links may reflect my past web location(s), assume this site.

DDS Widgets:

This is a collection of 'widgets' that I've written for DOS over the years. They range from trivial utilities to complex packages. Some are well documented, some not. They are presented here "as is" in the hope that some people will still find them useful.

Stay tuned! the collection is by no means complete. I will be adding to it as I find the time. Check back from time to time to see whats new.

Larger packages have been pre-installed. Just unpack the .ZIP into a blank directory, and ignore any notes about INSTALL programs in the docs.

These program will run well under DOS and also the Win32 DOS environment. You can use DOSBOX (available on my site) to run most of these programs quite well under WIN64! (I've even used DOSBOX on my phone to run them)!

General Utilities

BATUTIL   Batch file utility (11/4/21 8.4k)
CHAINSAW  Remove entire directory tree/branches (10/1/31 3.3k)
DIFF      Show differences between two text files (10/1/31 7.3k)
DDSPELL   Spell checker (10/1/30 28.0k)
DOSREP    New ATTRIB, FIND, MORE, TREE and XCOPY cmds (10/2/1 17.3k)
DR        Date-Ranger, find oldest and newest file in tree (10/1/31 5.5k)
DUS       Disk usage summary by directory (10/1/31 6.1k)
EXPRESS   eXpress Switch-dir, Find, Compare & Treesearch (11/6/21 25.7k)
EXTRACT   Extract range of lines from text file (10/1/31 1.7k)
FASTFIND  Quickly Find/view/edit/search any file in tree (12/8/3 45.9k)
FDIR      Fullscreen directory/shell (10/1/31 7.9k)
FSCAN     File consistancy scanner (10/1/31 8.4k)
HELP      Interactive HELP command (10/1/31 50.6k)
KEYMAP    TSR key remapper (10/1/30 5.5k)
LOCATE    Multi pattern locate text in files (10/1/31 7.0k)
MAE       Encode binary files in ASCII text (10/1/30 11.7k)
OFF       Screen saver (10/1/31 7.7k)
PKTSHELL  PocketShell - Menu/Shell optimized for PDA (10/2/11 28.8k)
RDC       Remote DOS console/file transfer, COM or LPT (11/1/15 9.8k)
REDIRECT  Redirect command output to file (10/1/30 4.3k)
RETAB     Retabulate text files (10/1/31 3.0k)
SIZE      Report size of file (10/1/31 2.2k)
SLOWPC    Slow down a too-fast PC (10/1/30 3.3k)
STUFF     Keyboard stuffer (10/2/1 2.1k)
SYNC      Synchronize directory trees (12/8/3 23.6k)
TFB       TSR File Browser (10/1/30 8.0k)
TIMEIT    Time program execution (10/1/31 2.0k)
TYPESET   Simple text document formatter (10/1/30 13.1k)
VALPATH   Validate all files in path (10/2/1 4.0k)
WORKLOG   Calendar/time logger (10/2/14 8.7k)
XDISK     Read/Write floppy disk images (10/2/1 3.6k)
ZIPD      ZIP encryption package (for email) (13/10/3 4.7k)

Programmers utilities

CTA       'C' call-tree analysis (10/1/30 18.0k)
DUMP      Hex/Octal file dump (10/1/31 2.8k)
EMBEDPC   Tools for DOSless PC use (10/1/30 47.9k)
HEXED     Hexidecimal file editor (11/4/18 6.0k)
PPDEBUG   Parallel port debug/signal tool (10/1/30 5.7k)

Serial (RS-232) tools & Utilities

DLM       RS-232 data-line monitor (10/1/30 58.0k)
LAPTALK   Small terminal with scripting (10/2/1 37.9k)
LES       RS-232 line error simulator (10/1/30 7.8k)
MTERM     Tiny TSR terminal program (10/1/30 9.7k)
PC100     VT-100 terminal emulator (14/10/13 67.7k)
SERMON    multi serial monitor/tty/logger (10/4/11 13.9k)
SDT       Serial Debug Terminal (11/6/15 7.6k)

Network tools & Utilities

BRIDGE    Ethernet bridge with error injection (10/1/30 8.1k)
DHCP      Auto-configure WATTCP or mTCP via DHCP (11/5/1 7.1k)
ETTY      Ethernet TTY (Terminal) (13/6/25 11.6k)
MACMON    Monitor network/PC activity/DNS, with curfew alarms (11/4/24 12.3k)
PKTLG     Ethernet packet load generator (10/1/30 8.2k)
SNIFF     Ethernet packet sniffer (12/9/15 49.0k)
TFTP      TFTP client/server (11/2/4 10.9k)

Programming languages

CAM16     Basic with many HW interfaces (used for DH child) (10/1/30 112.5k)

Embedded development tools

29F040    Quick and dirty 29F040 device programmer (10/2/11 5.2k)
AVRLOAD   AVR in-circuit programmer (10/2/2 14.3k)
DAIDPI    Configure AnalogDevices SHARC DAI/DPI (10/2/11 16.8k)
DMS       In-circuit monitor/debugger many/configurable CPUs (10/2/1 236.3k)
DESMO     Debug Scripting Monitor (PC hosted monitor) (10/2/2 40.3k)
EDIT7S    Display (7-segment) character editor (10/2/11 6.8k)
I2CE      Parallel-port I2C EEPROM device programmer (10/2/2 10.9k)
MODBUS    Modbus test/diagnostic tools (10/2/12 12.2k)

Simulators and Emulators

ALTAIR    Altair 8800 simulator (10/1/30 499.2k)
D6809     Dunfield 6809 simulator (10/1/30 272.2k)
H8        Heathkit H8 simulator (10/1/30 138.7k)
HORIZON   NorthStar Horizon simulator (14/8/28 199.5k)
MOD8      MIL MOD-8 8008 simulator (22/2/1 116.4k)

Special purpose packages

EDITMP3   MP3 tag editor (10/1/30 15.6k)
ELF       Edit Long Filenames (interactive multi-file) (11/1/6 12.6k)
GAMES     Various games (10/2/1 102.6k)
IMD       ImageDisk - floppy diskette imaging (10/1/30 109.3k)
IMDSRC    ImageDisk - source code (10/1/30 83.1k)
LCD       Custom LCD layout and simulation tools (10/1/30 37.0k)
MICROCAD  Tiny drawing/capture program (10/1/30 38.8k)
MORSE     Morse code trainer (10/1/30 7.4k)
TESTFDC   Test PC floppy disk controller (10/1/30 6.8k)

Packages with Hardware component

8051ICE   8051 In-circuit emulator (10/2/23 16.3k)
8031DWG   Simple 8051 designs (10/2/23 10.2k)
CP290     Control X10 CP290 interface (10/3/9 13.1k)
DBOX      Control multiple VCRs with Sony LANC protocol (10/2/23 56.7k)
EPROM     Design for an EPROM programmer (10/2/23 43.8k)
IR232     RS232 controlled learning infrared remote (10/2/23 22.2k)
LINETOOL  Telephone line analysis/test tools (10/1/30 31.3k)
PCLA      Logic analyser using parallel port (10/1/30 26.0k)
PCRMT     Learning IR remote using serial port (10/1/30 25.1k)
QDRE      Quick & Dirty Rom Emulator (10/4/14 228.1k)
RINGSW    Telephone line distinctive-ring selector (10/2/23 10.2k)
S230DIAG  Diagnose/Repair SGC230 AutoTuner (09/5/25 119.6k)
UT81      Interface to the UNI-Trend UT81 ScopeMeter (10/3/5 65.8k)

Other files

DOSBOOT   DOS boot with CD/DVD, USB, networking.. lots more (12/12/27 1392.3k)

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