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ACC auto Adapt&CompileC from toolset to another. (24/3/2 0.0k)
DOSBOX my DosBox(Megabuild6) (readme.txt) (24/1/27 0.0k)
DDCBU Copy/Backup/Move utilities (24/1/5 0.0k)
X10CTRL control X10 devices from computer (23/12/19 0.0k)
FTOOLS; Working file management tools (23/12/11 0.0k)
TOUCH Set Windows file(s) MODIFIED timestamp (23/12/11 0.0k)
SINCE Record time & see what changed in tree later (23/12/11 0.0k)
RDALL Read ALL files in a tree (23/12/11 0.0k)
RCCB Remove C Conditional Blocks (23/12/11 0.0k)
RAMD easily setup/change IMDISK RAMdrive (23/12/11 0.0k)
R86I Record program 8086 INTs (23/12/11 0.0k)
PTXTP Patch TeXT files with Presets (23/12/11 0.0k)
LIBTST Testing the Micro-C library! (23/12/11 0.0k)
PKTDRV Collection of NIC "packet" drivers (23/12/11 0.0k)
M100 Transfer files from/to TRS-80 Model-100 (23/12/11 0.0k)
LONGEST Find longest line in file(s) (23/12/11 0.0k)
LBDIR Scan dir tree, list New/Old/Large/Smallest files (23/12/11 0.0k)
KEYSUB Substitute DOS keys independant of Shift/Ctrl/Alt (23/12/11 0.0k)
KEYMAP Easily map keys without installing "stuff" (23/12/11 0.0k)
FVF Find/View File(s) in large tree(s) (23/12/11 0.0k)
FTS Tools for tracking File Time/Size in large DIRs (23/12/11 0.0k)
FINDSYM easily track symbol use in source files (23/12/11 0.0k)
FCFT Find Changed Files by Timestamp (23/12/11 0.0k)
ESP Executable String Patcher (23/12/11 0.0k)
EDT text editor (23/12/11 0.0k)
DVMRP DVM Remote Process example (23/12/11 0.0k)
DLCMD Do commands on files in "Directory" list (23/12/11 0.0k)
DDSDNLD Verify DDS download files (23/12/11 0.0k)
DDS Attach ANY file to email! (23/12/11 0.0k)
ENCTXT Encode text/source for online posting (23/12/11 0.0k)
CSLIST Make C format list/#defines of names (23/12/11 0.0k)
COMP More powerful COMPare command. (23/12/11 0.0k)
CLIPTOOL ease moving text via clipboard (23/12/11 0.0k)
CHT C Help Text generator (23/12/11 0.0k)
CGS help track C Global Symbol references (23/12/11 0.0k)
BFS Binary File Search (23/12/11 0.0k)
BASIC interpreter (example "scripting language") (23/12/11 0.0k)
DVM for Linux! "" for Linux (23/12/10 0.0k)
DECZIP Decrypt .ZIP files I may have emailed to you(23/12/10 0.0k)
DDVM Decrypt file(s) and pass to .DVM program (23/12/10 0.0k)
CSUCLC C Source Utils I did during Comp.Lang.C discussion (23/12/10 0.0k)
DDLINK Transfer files via COM, LPT or NET (23/12/10 0.0k)
DBUTIL some handy tools I created for DosBox (23/12/10 0.0k)
DdsBuilDer a tool to simplify building with Micro-C (23/12/10 0.0k)
DBBD DosBox BootfloppyDisk builder! (23/12/10 0.0k)
CSANA C Source Analasis tools (23/12/10 0.0k)
Dunfield Virtual Machine a tool to run my products under Win64/Linux (23/12/3 0.0k)
T80M100 nice TRS-80 Model100 emulator (23/5/21 0.0k)
SYSTIME set/show DOS SYSTEM time/date (23/2/2 0.0k)
WinPcap needed for DosBox networking (Win7-) (22/12/21 0.0k)
Win10Pcap "" works in Win10+ (22/12/21 0.0k)
ZTOUCH update Timestamp of files within .ZIP (22/11/21 0.0k)
WDIR Walk command through DIRectories (22/11/21 0.0k)
VLT View Large Text/Hex (22/11/21 0.0k)
SRSMTF Search/Replace Strings in Multiple Text Files (22/11/21 0.0k)
PW Password generator - maintain secure passwords (22/11/21 0.0k)
PC Programmers Bin/Oct/Dec/Hex calculator (22/11/21 0.0k)
LSL LittleScriptLanguage (22/11/21 0.0k)
TXP TeXt Preprocessor (22/10/4 0.0k)
FFF FastFileFind tools (22/8/24 0.0k)
PKZIP for DOS (22/7/20 0.0k)
mTCP2207 Mike Brutmans TCP suite 2022-07-01 for DOS (22/7/14 0.0k)
Micro-C DVM my C compiler for DVM/Win64/Linux (22/3/22 0.0k)
IMDISK good/simple RAMDISK (21/12/29 0.0k)
Micro-C DOS/Win32 my C compiler for DOS/Wim32 (21/6/7 0.0k)
CKW ChecK Web links in manually generated pages (21/3/6 0.0k)
Unblock files blocked by Windows (21/3/6 0.0k)
EXAMPLE C programs (21/1/31 0.0k)
MON86 demo of MON86 from XTOOLS (20/12/19 0.0k)
Sysinternals Streams used to remove hidden data streams from files (20/12/14 0.0k)
7zip (Win64) "" (20/12/14 0.0k)
7zip (Win32) one of the best file archivers (20/12/14 0.0k)
Borland TASM good DOS assember (please see enclosed 00README.TXT) (20/12/2 0.0k)
PortTalk needed for DosBox hardware parallel port (11/6/2 0.0k)
LccWin32 Little C Compiler for Windows (09/3/7 0.0k)

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