DDS Download Summary

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Adapt C and Compile

A tool to automatically "adapt" C source code from one compiler toolset to
another and Compile it. Includes LCC.ACC, definitions to go from my Micro-C/DOS
to LccWin32 - a Windows32/64 development environment.


A simple BASIC interpreter. Makes a good example of how a "scripting"
language could work in DVM.

Lots of information in the opening source code comments.


Binary File Search

A tool to easily search a binary file for occurances of one or more
sequences of bytes.

 Can search very large files, for many search sequences.  This can be slow...
 Suggest using the .DVM instead of the .COM in slower emulators (like DosBox)

 includes a tool to "trim" output, so you can search for more unique sequences
 than the part you need without keeping the surplus part.

 use: (no arguments)
 for more information.


C Global Symbols
 Easily track references to Global Symbols within C source files.


C Help Text
 Processes a C source file and converts special comments into a help
 data file which is optimized to reduce spaces.

 For more information, use: CHT -?
        and to easily edit: CHE -?
 See CHTHELP.C for an example.

Much of my source code will require this utility to generate a needed Help.H


ChecH Web page source
 A little tool I wrote to help build and maintain manually generated .html
 web pages.


Some utilities to ease moving text strings around via the Windows clipboard.
    TXT2CLIP: Select predefined string(s) and put in clipboard.~BR;
    CLIP2TXT: Paste directly into a text file.~BR;
    CLIPLIST: Fill in a named list with paste operations.~BR;


A more powerful COMPare command. Can:
    Compare whole directory trees
    Show what has changed
    Show what hasn't changed

 use: COMP  (with no arguments)
 for a command syntax summary.


 Some "Quickie" tools I wrote to analyse C sources and more easily clean up
 after it had suffered from hours/days of debugging.


 Produces a C format list of strings along with #defines for their
 position in the list.  Run CSLIST for more detail.


 In Jan 2021, I connected to usenet after years of inattention.
 Not having a recent newsreader or feed, I used "Google Groups" to check it
 out, and comp.lang.c was one of the first places I went, and got into a
 few "discussions" which resulted in me writing some somewhat useful tools
 to manipulate C source:

    REMove COMments from C source code (response to a posted challenge)
    Conditional Line Comments (make options without using up non-comment lines)
    ReFormat Csource from GoogleGroups
    C source MUNGEr


DosBox FloppyDisk builder
 Creates minimal/independant DosBox setup that boots pure DOS
 useful to handle things that simply "Don't work in DosBox"


 A tool to simplify building with Micro-C


Various utilities I've written to enhance the experience of using DosBox.
 These are mainly commands that are either missing or have a reduced
 capability in DosBox as shipped:
    BAX     More powerful Batch processor
    COMP    Missing in DosBox
    CP      Improved Copy
    DBSC    DosBox Screen Capture (useful as DosBox can't redirect stderr)
    EDT     My text EDiTor
    FIND    Missing in DosBox
    GDBCM   Gets DosBox config / mount information into ENV
    KEYSUB  Make DosBox workable on non-PC keyboard
    SORT    Missing in DosBox
    TREE    Missing in DosBox
    VLT     View Large Text files
    WCMD    run host Windows CoMmanDs within DosBox
    XCD     Change Drive and Directory on one command
    XCOPY   Missing in DosBox
    XDIR    DosBox DIR command in quite limited.
    XRS     eXpress ReScan (all mounted drives)
    _PAUSE  Overcome DosBox Ctrl-C bug in .BAT files
    _SUBST  Improved SUBST


My (DD) Copy and Backup Utilities.
    DIRTLT  Easily see how much data is in tree plus subtrees.
    TSHOW   See complete tree and depth
    CCDIR   Compare/Command(s) DIRectory list
    WSYNC   Copy only New/Changed files in tree to a backup copy.
    DDCCV   Improved ""
    ISYNC   Interactive ""
    SYNC    Original DOS ""
    XWS     WSYNC trees from/to various systems.
    IBK     Interactive BacKup :copy/compare/edit/view/delete back and forth
                between trees.
    DDZBK   Backup whole tree to individual .ZIP file for each subdir.
    CHANGED*    Set of tools to backup/manipulate recently changed files
        So far this has been the best of my automatic backup tools!
    Also: EDT, FCT, FCB, FVT and FCB
        Tools used by some of these


Transfers files via COM, LPT or NETwork
 Single .COM needs only a "packet driver" for network.
 Nice "split screen" (show/select both sides) user interface
 Has options for non-interactive (eg: in .BAT) transfers
 Can "bootstrap" itself to a new system (over serial).
 Includes: DDLCMD.C, see how to implement link protocol!

 Best way I've found to move things between older & to/from new systems!

 See "PKTDRV" for LOTs of network card drivers!


 Decrypts file(s) to an internal DVM RAMdrive, then runs a .DVM program which
 can access the decrypted data, all the while NOT keeping the decrypted data
 anywhere on your system which is easily readable/accessible.

 This helps make it difficult for malicious software to read your data files.


Validate DDS download files
 Confirm a downloaded file is exactly what I published!
 Requires DDSDNLDB.ZIP from my site, see 00README.TXT contained therein.

    Put both the DDSDNLD program and DDSDNLD.DAT in the same directory as
    the downloaded file(s), then run DDSDNLD.


Use this to decrypt .DDS files I send via email (usually encrypted .ZIP)
 I encrypt them because many ISPs won't allow sending or receiving certain
 types of files (like executable) and they do check inside .ZIP attachments
 for these "dangerous" file.

 Unfortunately I am usually sending tools/updates which contain file types
 that are disallowed.

 For more information, use: DDS -?


Tool needed to decode encrypted .ZIP files that I may send to you.
Often my .ZIPs contain executables and other file types that various ISPs
block from email attachments (even within .ZIPs).  MY work-around is to
encrypt the .ZIP into an unrecoganizable binary "blob" which you need DECZIP
to convert back to it's original form!


DirectoryList CoMmanD
 Easily perform common commands on a "Directory Listing" formatted text file
 containing the file names.
  This can be the output of: DIR, XDIR, FFF, FFSAME etc.

 Use:   DLCMD (no options)
        for more information.  


Dunfield Virtual Machine
 This is a virtual processor and complete system that lets you easily
 create and run simple but powerful programs "pretty much anywhere".
  I have recompiled most of my (originally DOS) tools and utilities (available
  on this site) to make them also usable with DVM/Win32/Win64/Linux!

 This free demo works on Win32/64 (also available for Linux)! ..BUT..
  DVM can be ported to pretty much any system where you want to run general
  purpose small/powerful applications with little overhear and complete
  control over what they can access/do.

 My own Micro-C (a fairly well regarded C compiler from the 80's) makes it
 simple to create DVM programs in C - with development complexity similar to
 other tools from that era... much less complex that "modern" offerings!

 Contact me if this is of interest.


Dunfield Virtual Machine (for Linux)
 A  preliminary port of DVM to Linux
 see the DVM package for more information on DVM.


 A simple example of creating, launching and communicating with a DVM
 "Remote Process", a native Win32 app which runs on the host Windows OS.


A simple and easy text EDiTor
 This is the main way I work on text files
 See EDT.TXT for more information

 EDT.EXE  is DOS/Win32
 EDT.DVM  is DVM/Win64
 WEDT.EXE is Win32/Win64 native, can handle larger files


 Encode text/source for online posting so it won't be reformatted!
 Encoder and Decoder are provided as C source code and .DVM executable.


 A tool to modify "patchable" strings in executable (.COM, .EXE or .DVM)
 files. This provides a way to easily modify certain preset parameters in
 some of my tools.
 +  AESP        Add ESP to encoded files
    ESPATMAT    Help determine good PatternMatch strings
    FESP        Find files with ESP

 For help, use: ESP ?


Sources for a selection of C programs.
 The main purpose is to help you become familier with and exaluate my
 Micro-C compiler,


Find Changed Files by TimeStamp
 This utility will track which of certain files have changed since
 certain times and dates.

 use: FCFT ?
 for a command syntax summary.


FastFile Find
 A set of tools to make it easy to find and get information about files which
 may be spread over multiple large directories and drives.  Supports powerful
 MATCHing capabilities and uses an efficient database to make locating files
 very fast, no matter where they are spread over.
    FFBD    Build the database from directory trees
    FFB7Z   "" from 7ZIP listings (supports common archive formats)
    FFF     FastFile Finder
    FFCMP   Compare files using two databases (see whats changed)
    FFSAME  Find files in a database with the same content (identical)
 Includes DOS/Win32 as well as DVM/Win64 versions.

 See FFF.TXT for more information.


FIND SYMbols in source files
 Makes it easy to see where symbols are being used in various files.
 I use it mainly for C source code, to see where (and if) symbols are being

 Unlike traditional viewers, FINDSYM knows what constitutes a symbol, lets you
 easily select them within the source file, and can search forward and backward
 for them, all the while highlighting all occurances showing on the screen.

 2022/08/02 added FSCS, less powerful but simpler/easier


 These tools help collect/orgnize and maintain frequently changed "working"
 files.  Includes:
    FAW     Archive Working files
    FCL     Commands from List  \
    FCB     Compare Binary       >  help find and maintain files
    FCT     Compare Text         >  with the same name or content
    FVB     View Binary          >  over large ares.
    FVT     View text           /
    FEXP    File EXPlorer   (easily "" and others on files in tree)
    FRF     FindRecentFiles
    FTIF    FindTextInFiles


File Tims/Size backup utilities
 Keeps track of files changed based on a database of timestamps and sizes.
 Pretty much superceeded by CHANGED (see above).


Remap keys using Windows registry entries.
 This uses scancodes, so complete physical keys are remapped.


Installs a tiny TSR (DOS) which remaps keycodes returned by: INT 16h AH=0
 This lets you remap key functions independantly (ie: Shift, Alt and Ctrl).

 I use it to make DosBox on tablets workable with non-PC bluetooth keyboards.


List Bounded DIRectory

 Like DIR but scans a whole (and can be large) directory tree, showing the
 most Old, New, Large, Small files.

 Use:   LBDIR ?
        for more information.


 Small script language where scripts can be embedded in other files.
 I use it to automate processing for source and other files without
 having to maintain "scripts" elsewhere.

 Use:   LSL ?
        for more information.


Find longest line in text file(s)
 Use: LONGEST   with no arguments to get help.


Some program I wrote to test the Micro-C library implementation while
writing/porting DVM.


 FastViewFile - quickly view files (in various ways) from an auto-generated
 (sorted) large list of names which may be located in various paths/trees.

 Use:   FVF (no options)
        for more information.


 A tool to easily move text files from and to the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model-100
 portable computer. It may be old, but it's small and has a great keyboard!


Micro-C compiler
 This is a pretty capable C compiler that I developed back in the 80's with
 the primary focus of being suitale for very small 8 and 16 bit embedded
 systems. It has received many favorable reviews and won various awards over
 the years.

 It is known to generate very efficient code, and is the primary tool I used
 to develop almost all of the tools and utilities available here.

 Micro-C is a product available for about a dozen different small processors,
 with free versios available here for: DOS/Win32 and DVM/Win32/Win64.


A DEMO version of MON86.
 This is an 8086 edition of my debug machine language montor.
 It runs under DOSBOX which you can get from my site.


Programmers Calculator
 Does 32-bit math with many features useful to programmers.


Patch TeXT files with Presets
 useful to select from various preset setups for:
    Configuration files
    Batch files
    Program source files

 Use: PTXTP with no arguments to see help.


Collection of Network "packet" drivers
 These allow DOS networking via a LOT of NIC types.
 Also includes PCINIC to get information about PCI NIC cards.

 See my DDLINK for a useful/small/simple network file transfer tool.


Password Generator
 A little utility I created to make it easy to dynamically generate the various
 unique and secure password needed by many online systems.  You only have to
 "remember" a single password which can be anything you like.


Report last 2048 ints (incl soft INTs) in DOS cmd/program

 Shows interrupts in order performed with 8086 register at interrupt entry.


Simple tool to setup an IMDISK RAMdrive!
 IMDISK is a good/small RAMdrive - get it from my site.

Use: DVM RAMD ?     to see help/syntax.


Tool to Remove C Conditional Blocks.
 Can be quite handy when porting to many different systems.

 Use: RCCB  with no arguments to see help/syntax.


Tool to ReaD ALL files!
 Useful to confirm that files are written correctly to volatile media (like
 DVD) also useful to compare two tree listings and see what files are
 different, or to compare a tree listing with a previous one to see which
 files have changed.

 Use: RDALL -?  to see help/syntax/


 Tool to easily tell what files in a path have changed since the last time
 they were processed.

 Use SINCE  with no arguments to see syntax.

 Also include UPD.BAT which updates a file called UPD. with the current time.

 I use:
 whenever I post changes to my web site, then I can later use:
 to see what files have changed since I posted it last.

 UPD will keep a log of the times/dates the site was updated.


Search/Replace Strings in Multiple Text Files
 Easily replace certain string text in many text files.
 Nice for changing file names, locations etc. in several batch or
 source code files.

 For additional information, use: SRSMTF ?


 This is like DOS TIME/DATE, except it shows date&time in a more concise form,
 and you can change only desired parts.   For help: SYSTIME ?

 Also useful to replace MagicDosBox missing TIME command!


Adjust Windows file MODIFIED timestamp with enhancements over similar progams.
 eg: Current/Specific/Relative(+/-)/from corresponding file in list~BR;


TXP: TeXt Preprocessor
 A powerful text file preprocessor
 Use TXP with no arguments to get help.


 Remove Windows block preventing executing my tools and utilities because
 they were "downloaded from the internet" (my site).


 View Large files in Text or heX

 Use '?' within to get more information.


Walk command through a DIRectory
 This is a Windows/DVM compatible version of my WDIR command with some
 other improvements.  Use 'WDIR' with no arguments for help.


 Control X10 devices from a computer with a serial connection to an X10
  CM11, HD11, or CP290 controller!


"Touch" the "modified" timestamp on files within a .ZIP archive.
 Use: ZTOUCH    with no arguments to get help.