Dunfield Development Services

Dunfield Development Services provides system design and software/firmware development services for projects of all scales (small to very large). We specialize in the design and implementation of highly reliable and efficient real-time systems.

DDS is owned and operated by Dave Dunfield, a systems engineer with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

We also provide a few (mainly development oriented) software products:

Note: These products have existed since the 80's under the DOS/Win32 platforms, proved very populer and won a number of awards. In more recent years, with modern systems inability to run 16 bit code they've been recieving less attention, however with DVM, I have been able to bring many of them back, and they have worked very well under WIN64. The original DOS/Win32 versions are still available as well, and work quite well on modern systems under DOSBOX!

See my product catalog. (text version)

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