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and is subject to change. Please check my web site for current information:

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I can accept payment via paypal or wire transfer.
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All products are availle as 16-bit applictions which run under DOS or Win32.
These also work well under DOSBOX.  DOSBOX is available free.

Many of the products are also available as DVM applications, which run well
under Win32/Win64.  DVM is a much simpler and faster virtual machine which
does not require installation, and works directly on the host file system.
A free windows version is availble on my site.

See the download section of the above web site for DVM and also the version
or DOSBOX that I recommend.

The free DVM also has a free MICRO-C development package which works quite
well as demonstration of how a MICRO-C toolset for an embedded system works.

DVM: the Dunfield Virtual Machine A product to enable others to have powerful programmable subsystems. If you have a product that could benefit from a powerful "scripting" language, or any other ability to let users run code totaly under your control. If you don't want to add one of the massive and complex tools that exist (java?) to your product, and if you don't like the idea of spending time (and money) creating and testing something new, this could be what you need. See the free windows DVM in my download section for more information. The core of DVM is written in standard GCC and does not rely on system libraries. Price : Contact me to work out what you want/need. Availability : Can be made to run "most anywhere". Note: The DVM name and the appearance of its various tools does not have to appear as is (or at all) in your product. I can provide services to customize and adapt it to your liking.
DDS MICRO-C Developers Kits: These are complete PC based cross development systems which include EVERYTHING you need to develop 'C' and 'ASM' software for one CPU. - Includes MICRO-C compiler, optimizer, assembler, and related utilities. - Integrated Development Environment. Edit, Compile, Download and Debug from one application. Configurable with lots of options. Many extra features like: multi-file browser, "pop-down" HEX calculator and ASCII character set chart. Command line tools are also included. - Hand coded (efficent ASM) standard library for CPU (Source included). - Includes Monitor/Debugger for CPU - ASM source (See XTOOLS) * - Includes text editor, telecomm program, MAKE and many other utilities. - Complete documentation (on disk). - Lots of "extras". - Available for 68HC08, 6809, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HC16, 8051/52, 8080/85, 8086, 8096, AVR and C-FLEA ** Developers kit for any ONE CPU : $ 99.95 US (each) Super developers Kit (all CPUs listed) : $299.95 US * 68HC16 Developers Kit does not include a monitor/debugger. C-FLEA kit includes a simulator instead of monitor/debugger. ** C-FLEA is a "virtual machine" designed to run 'C' in situations not suited to a native implementation. See the FAQ on my website. Sample VM implementations are provided for: 6800/01/02/03/08/11/12, 6805, 8051/52, 8086 and PIC (16C57/58). Availability : DOS/Win32, DVM/Win64
XTOOLS: Cross assemblers, Disassemblers and Monitors ASSEMBLERS: - 6800, 6801/6803, 6805, 6502, 68HC08, 6809, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HC16, 8048, 8051/52, 80C320, 8080/85, 8086, 80186, 8096, Z8, Z80, AVR, H8, ST7, 16C5x and C-FLEA. - Output files in either INTEL or MOTOROLA hex format. - Plenty of features and options. DISASSEMBLERS: These are "smart" disassemblers with many features to assist in the generation of complete symbolic/commented ASM source from binary machine code. - 6800, 6801/6803, 6805, 6502, 68HC08, 6809, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HC16, 8051/52, 8080/85, 8086, 80186, 8096, AVR, H8 and C-FLEA. - Generates listing or ASM source format output file. - Accepts user defined symbol table. Can build initial symbol table from references occurring within the input code. - Accepts user defined block types (code, byte data, word data, char data, string data, symbolics allowed etc.) and address ranges. - Accepts file of comments to be merged into the disassembly output. MONITORS: - 68HC08, 6809, 68HC11, 68HC12, 8051/52, 8080/85, 8086, 8096, Z80 & AVR. - Well documented ASM source code. - Completely stand-alone, runs on the bare hardware. - Very compact, occupies less than 8K of ROM. - Built in disassembler (except AVR) - Edit/Dump Memory, Processor registers and Interrupt vectors. - Multiple breakpoints, which are completely transparent to the user program, and remain effective until removed. - Software Single-Step works even when tracing ROMed code. - Download INTEL or MOTOROLA format hex data. - Revector any/all interrupts to the user program. - Online help display of commands and syntax. - Many more features *** Features may differ in some monitors. Bonus! AT: Assembly Translator A program to assist in the translation of assembly language code from one CPU to another. - Uses pattern matching and lookup tables to translate code written for one CPU into code which can be used on another. - Works with any CPU, you define the translation tables, and compile them into a working translator using the supplied ATC (AT Compiler). - Include sample translation tables for 8080->8086 and 6809->8086 UTILITIES: MACRO - Powerful ASM source macro pre-processor. CREF - Cross-references symbol usage in ASM source file. PSOURCE - Protects distributed source code. RETAB - Retabulates output file to specified tab stops. HEXFMT - General HEX file manipulation, including: - Calculate checksums over all or part of code file. - Reformat output record type (INTEL/MOTOROLA/BINARY) & length. - Change base and load address of code image. - Remove strings of $FF (unprogrammed) data bytes. + Utilities for converting to/from other popular assembler formats. Software price : $49.95 US Availability : DOS/Win32, DVM/Win64
PROJECT PLANS: This package include all of the necessary schematics, software and documentation to construct the described devices (contains no hardware): EPROM: Stand-Alone EPROM programmer with keypad/display + RS232 - Supports 2716, 2732, 2764, 27128 and 27256 type devices. - UL/DL Intel or MOTORLA formats. On-Board memory for editing. DBOX: Computer Control up to 8 VCRs/CAMCORDERs with CONTROL-L (LANC) - Control all VCR functions, reports MODE, STATUS & TAPE COUNTER - RS-232 serial interface to host computer. IR232: Serial (RS-232) controlled "learning" Infared Remote Control - Control any device with an I/R remote control from your computer. - Includes PC based "I/R code editor", and demo C program. RINGSWITCH: "distinctive ringing" phone line switch. - Directs incoming call to one of three jacks (based on ring). - Connects any set going off-hook to line (if idle). - Gives "busy" to any sets that go off-hook while line in use. 8031DESIGN: Several 8031/8051 core system designs - No (0K), Shared (64K) and Separate (128K) memory configs. - Standard and Debug (RAM as pseudo-ROM with download). 8051ICE: In-circuit emulator for 8051 with serial interface to PC. - Uses DS5000/DS2250 for true single-chip support. - Compatible with EMILY52 software, powerful debugging features. CUBIX: Complete 6809 computer system with floppy disk interface - Over 100 system service calls, very flexible and powerful. - Many application and utility programs, languages etc. DARC: General Purpose Amateur Radio/Repeater Controller ICOM: CI-V Computer control interface for ICOM Amateur radios. HTX242: Computer control RS HTX242 via Microphone data signals ALL PROJECTS : $29.95 US Availability : DOS/Win32, DVM/Win64
EMILY52: A PC based 8051/52 Simulator / Emulator A software simulator/emulator for the Intel 8051/8052 series of microcontrollers. EMILY features an easy to use "windowed" user interface, and is capable of simulating at better than 500,000 instructions per second on a 486/33mhz PC. - Supports full 64K of PROGRAM and 64K of DATA memory. DATA and PROGRAM memory may also be overlaid into a single 64K address space. - Optionally interfaces with a Resident Control Program (supplied) on your target system which allows you to include the physical I/O lines, timers, serial port etc. in your simulation. - Single step, Multi Step, Animate and High Speed execution modes, with 4095 instruction traceback recorder in all modes. - Simultaneous on-screen displays of program disassembly, internal memory, CPU registers and simulation messages. - Full screen editors for CPU registers, Special Function Registers (SFR's), and each of the INTERNAL, EXTERNAL DATA and PROGRAM memory spaces. All of the above may be viewed/altered at any time during the debugging session. - Multiple breakpoints are transparent to the user program. - Supports the additional SFR's and internal RAM of the 8052 series, and is user configurable for additional SFR's of expanded chips. - Serial I/O in a window on the screen, or redirected to a PC COMM port. - Includes MONICA52, a PC hosted monitor program for ON-BOARD debugging, with a user interface that's virtually identical to EMILY52. - Supports single-chip in-circuit emulation using DS5000 CPU. - Many more features. - INCLUDES EMILY320 - As above for Dallas 80C320/520 Software price : $49.95 US Availability : DOS/Win32
LABTOOLS: A collection of useful PC based software tools for your workbench. DLM: Async. Datascope, records data, signals, time index etc. MDLM: Another Datascope, supporting up to 24 channels PCLA: Logic Analyszer, 13 channels, 500khz, triggering etc. DESMO: Debug Scripting Monitor -programmable hware/sware debug tool LES: Async. Line Error Simulator - inject errors into comms SNIFF: Ethernet packet monitoring program I2CE: Read/Program 24C01-24C512 I2C EEPROM devices via p-port LCD: LCD panel layout, mapping, chargen & simulation tools TESTSET: Telephone test set, generate tones, adjust timinge etc. LINESCOPE: Telephone/Audio oscilliscope via sound card AVRLOAD: A parallel port "in circuit" AVR device programmer CAM: BASIC language with lots of hardware control EPROM programmer & 805x in-circuit emulator designs. + TSR & Serial Debug TTY pgms, VT-100 tester ... much more Package price : $49.95 US Availability : DOS/Win32
MICRO-C/PC: MICRO-C for the PC/DOS A complete and fully functional version of my MICRO-C compiler for DOS and IBM-PC compatible systems. This has an extensive library with over 300 functions including TSR support, Windowing, Graphics, Serial Comms and lot more (library source code included). Over 100 example programs: BASIC interpreter, 8086 Assembler, TTY program with file transfer and script language, VGA drawing program, *LOTS* of games, utilities, TSR's and other useful programs... All with C source! A free (Public Domain) MSDOS Assembler and Linker are included as well. Software price : $25.00 US Availability : DOS/Win32
DDS COMPLETE: All DDS software products. Can't decide? You can have it all! Completely stock your embedded tool- box in one step with this CD (CD-R) which includes all DDS products: ALL C DEVELOPER KITS, EMILY52, XTOOLS, LABTOOLS, PROJECTS and MICRO-C/PC. Over $900 discount from software if purchased separately! Includes ARCHIVE, my collection of third party demos, freeware, shareware, examples, information and other goodies. These files have been selected by DDS as being of high quality, and of interest to embedded systems developers. Over 100 megs (compressed). DDS Complete package price : $399.95 US Availability : DOS/Win32, some DVM/Win64

If you wish to obtain some of my products, please contact me. We can arange payment via E-transfer or PAYPAL, and I will send you an encoded .ZIP file containing the software (encoded because most products contain executable files and many ISPs won't allow executable files in attachments).

You will need "DECZIP" which is available on my download page.

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