DDS Products

DDS products are availale in both the original DOS/Win32 releases, as well as DVM/Win64/Linux releases. Both releases are included with one purchase.
For pricing and/or information on how to obtain these, refer to my catalog.

Dunfield Virtual Machine

This is a virtual machine which I created to be able to compile and run most of my products and tools under Win64. It does this very well. Windows (and now Linux) editions are free on this site. Check it out!

Very simple, does NOT have to be installed. One executable file, no extra supporting libraries etc. required.

It could also be very useful to provide powerfull "scripting" abilities to other products, or the ability to let users run more complex programs completely under your control. If this sounds interesting to you, contact me and we can discuss options.

DDS MICRO-C Developers Kits

These are complete PC based cross development systems which include EVERYTHING you need to develop 'C' and 'ASM' software for a CPU.

The free DVM package and compiler give a decent example of how a developers kit works in practice.

XTOOLS: Cross assemblers, Disassemblers and Monitors



These are "smart" disassemblers with many features to assist in the generation of complete symbolic/commented ASM source from binary machine code.


Bonus! AT: Assembly Translator A program to assist in the translation of assembly language code from one CPU to another.



This package include all of the necessary schematics, software and documentation to construct the described devices (contains no hardware):

EPROM: Stand-Alone EPROM programmer with keypad/display + RS232

DBOX: Computer Control up to 8 VCRs/CAMCORDERs with CONTROL-L (LANC)

IR232: Serial (RS-232) controlled "learning" Infared Remote Control

RINGSWITCH: "distinctive ringing" phone line switch.

8031DESIGN: Several 8031/8051 core system designs

8051ICE: In-circuit emulator for 8051 with serial interface to PC.

CUBIX: Complete 6809 computer system with floppy disk interface

DARC: General Purpose Amateur Radio/Repeater Controller

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