Other Experience

Some notes on experience from Dave's prior years and activities outside of DDS, in which he was the sole or primary Designer/Developer.

This list was constructed from: Memory, some Notes, and Scanning my Archived files. It is quite likely incomplete, and in no particular order.

Development Tools:

Designed and implemented a number of development tools and utility programs for UNIX and DOS/Windows based host computer systems, including a line of 'C' compilers, various interpreters and "scripting" languages, cross assemblers, disassemblers, MCU simulators, download tools, file system and directory maintenance tools, text processing tools, and many others. Many of these tools are the basis for DDS (Dunfield Development Systems) current line of embedded systems development tools.

Operating Systems

Development of general and specific purpose disk operating systems for several microprocessors, including the Motorola 68xx, Intel 8080 + 80x86 series, ARM and more. Included with these systems are numerous application programs such as editors, assemblers, languages (APL, BASIC, C, FORTH), document formatters, communications and other utility programs. One such system was used as the basis for an "Automatic Feature Exerciser" developed for a major telecom company who uses it to verify the feature content of each new release of the software for it's line of large office PABXs. This included a multi-tasking FORTH system, with a comprehensive user interface, and a large variety of test software (test cases) which could be scheduled and loaded in specific test scenarios.

Interactive Television

Design and implementation of the operating system and control software for an automated interactive television system. This control system is the heart of a multi-point to multi-point interactive television network, coordinating up to 15 remote sites, on two independent satellite channels.

Proprietary Systems

Design and construction of many microcomputer systems (hardware and software) based on popular microprocessors. This included stand alone (disk based) general purpose systems, as well as dedicated devices such as a Datascope, Device programmers, I/O "channel" processor for a UNIX system, 9-track tape drive controller, Amateur radio repeater controller, automated displays, alarm and monitoring systems and many others, too numerous to list.

Data PBX

Design and implementation of a line of interactive asynchronous data communications switches (Data PBXs), which allows multiple virtual circuits to be established by computers and other devices, with many features and capabilities. These were subsequently developed into commercial products, and were marketed by an Kanata (Ottawa) based company. Dave was hired as a director in that company where he continued to oversee the development of the switches and related products for several years. Several of the switches won "Editors Choice" awards in PC magazine reviews.

Computer Assisted Learning

Development of a system to provide computer assisted learning for a blind developmentally handicapped child. This consisted of a customized BASIC interpreter with extensions to support a number of non-standard interfaces. These include a large 4 button keypad, custom Digital and Analog interfaces via the parallel and game port(s), infrared control of audio (or other) equipment, beeps and melodies via the PC speaker, sound input/output and text-to-speech with a SOUND BLASTER card.

DVD Robot

Designed and built a DVD reading robot. Read more here.

Home Monitoring System

Designed and built a home monitoring server. This is a little system which runs 24/7 in my basement, and interfaces to 8 cameras and a number sensors. I can connect to it from anywhere and check on my house, see around the property and get a history of temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed.

UPS Monitor

Design and built a Uninterruptible Power Supply monitor. This is a little STM32 based device which keeps track of the operation of the UPS on the above system. If the power goes OFF for more than a few minutes, the system is shut down in an orderly manner, and it then waits until the power has been back on and stable for 1/2 hour before restarting the system. This allows the system to survive a sudden and longer power outage without suffering damage or otherwise needing attention.

Magazine Contest Judge

Performed as a judge in Circuit Cellar Magazines "Design 2K" contest.

Amateur Radio

Dave is the holder of an Advanced class amateur radio license, and has done a great deal of work on the setup and operation of an amateur station. His main areas of interest are digital packet radio, and the development of automated control systems.

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