Who Is Dave Dunfield?

Hello, my name is "Dave Dunfield" and at the time of writing this document (2020) I am 60 years of age. I have been very interested and involved in the field of computing since the mid 70's.

I am primarily a software person, but my knowlege and experience differ from many others bcause:

Here is some of the software and products which were based on my software that I have designed and implemented over the years:

Although primarily a software guy, I have a great deal of hardware related knowlege and experience. I can designed and constructed many hardware devices including:

I do have a fairly well equipped lab,

What else about me?

I am Canadian, I live near Ottawa Ontario, I am married to a wonderful wife, I have two kids - both moved out and on their own now. I was an avid motorcyclist until 2019, love to travel and see places, an avid cruiser (not lately with the world situation, but hopefully it will recover). Other than that, I mostly enjoy quiet time at home, am always working on something (even when I don't appear to, there's something going on in the back of my mind). Enjoy the barbeque, have gas, but really prefer the big ceramic kamado grill! (have a small one too so I can keep going in the garage during the winter).

Dave Dunfield
June 15, 2020

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