Technical Things for Sale

This is "tech stuff" that I'm selling, partly to recover some of the costs of acquiring it, but mostly to see that this equipment ends up in good hands.

Much of this material in long obsolete and won't be of much interest to you unless you are a collector, or perhaps want to relive memories of time using a certain piece of equipment.

I have NOT placed pricing on much of the material. While some of it is very useful, and some is rare and desirable (and therefore has real value), with those exceptions most of this material will probably go at close to "scrap" value. Please feel free to offer what it is worth to you. Some of this stuff is historic and I would prefer to see it go to someone who wants and will appreciate it rather than the scrapyard.

In the case of very low offers, I will send you a "canned" confirmation and keep your offer on record, but will not take the time to haggle or otherwise respond. If/when at some point I decide to call the scrappers to clear things out, if I still have the item I will contact you first.

If however in the meantime someone offers more, it will be them that I contact. I should also warn you that when I do decide to "scrap whatever is left", it will probably be close to my moving date, and I will not hold items for long as I do not want to have to do multiple scrap pickups for items not actually taken. In other words, you may not have a whole lot of time to arrange to get the item before I scrap it.

What this means is that if you want an item, to have a good chance of obtaining it, you should offer what it's worth to you, not hope for the lowest possible cost!

Things related to my Classic Computer Collection

Newbridgr 10xx Data Switches

I was the creator and lead developer of this family of RS-232 data switches. These support multiple concurrent serial connectons between devices, and have an interactive command interface to establish each connection. They are based on the 6809 CPU and all data is moved through the processor.

I have one of the original "first run" 1008 devices. This has a unique "feature" not incorporated into other products/runs. Both my signature, and that of the lead hardware designer are etched into the circuit board.

I also have a few 1080s and 1070s. These are the same hardware with different firmware (the 1080 is an 8-port data switch, the 1070 is a 7<>1 serial data multiplexor). These are much smaller and have RJ-45 connectors instead of DB-25s as appeared on the 1008. I also have a 1082 which includes two parallel ports and substantial internal buffering.

And there is one 1032 chassis. This is a rack version of the system with slots for cards, supporting up to 56 ports.

I have some spare cards/parts for these as well.

Centerpoint TalkSwitch

These are small (8 extension, 4 line) office phone systems. These can be networked together to create much larger effective system. I was one of the principal developers of this ARM based product, I developed the multi-task, multi-process operating system on which it runs, almost all low level/hardware interfaces, netwoking protocols, certain CO and line interfaces, as well as almost all of the test systems which were used to keep track of it. I have about a dozen of these.

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