DVM - the Dunfield Virtual Machine

This is a virtual processor and complete system:

Notable features:

- Quite powerful, I've ported lots of my existing code to it.
- Easy to develop simple-to-complex applications in C.
  Includes a port of my C compiler.
  My original reason for designing it was to make it easy to move
  "years worth" of software I had developed to more modern platforms.
  One of the example .C programs is a complete BASIC interpreter.
- Can enable you to run them "most anywhere".
- Simple and SMALL!
  Initial demo is for windows:
  - Single .EXE which does not have to be installed, and does not rely
    on additional support files.
  - Virtual CPU is <200 lines of ANSI C and does not need external
    libraries. Can easily be integrated into a product to provide a
    powerful scripting language or any purpose where you want users
    to be able to run code totally under your control.

Much more information in the included documents.

Distribution ZIP content (at time of this writing - am updating and improving it regularly):
 #files    Size       Description
    9    618,183     Documentation
    1     28,704     DVM executable
    4     17,889     Some handy utilities
   20     56,152     C toolset
    2     31,755     Sample .C programs

Utilities and executable C tools are .DVM files - programs which run on the virtual machine!

Download DVM

And more sample C programs you can build/run under DVM

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